Alarms managed by quite complex algorithm.  Although Data Recorder contains many functions this may not be sufficent. Alarm window made by two main section. Alarm window consists of two parts. Tags listed at the left. Tags can be selected from this list one by one or as a group. It added to the alarm list at the right with Add Tag command from the right click menu. If added tag exists in this list you will be warned. Same Tag can be added this list more than one time. Because you may want to define many alarms about this tag.
Alarm Manager
If the Tags you added are Boolean you can write an alarm or warning according to 0 and 1 state associated with this Tag. Expression and Hysterisis disabled.
       If added tag is numeric all sections will be active. This kind tags can be used as analog or boolean. Floatpoint numbers can only be used as analog.
Analog: The value you entered Value column is queried with expression method. If result is true alarm become active. You can use Hysteresis function at analog alarms. This function is about the deleting the alarm. For example we want to get an alarm when variable exceeds 100. Let’s make the Hysteresis 5. When variable exceeds 100 alarm will generated. Alarm will be active as long as value greater than 95. If variables value goes under the 95 alarm will be deleted. Thus you can avoid  unnecessary alarms because of  the floating signals.
Boolean: Most common used alarm type. In general, alarm algorithms made from PLC. To generate messages on the screen boolean alarms used. There are many advantages of  this. Because only creating an alarm is not enough. It is desired that same variable has distinct alarm values at distinct processes. There may be tasks that need to performed at alarm state. Boolean alarms can made from same type Tags. They can be made from the bits of the number variables also.
Type: You can select one of two types as Warning and Alarm.
Sound On/Off: If this checked, beep sound generated from the buzzer on the mainboard when Warning or Alarm become active. This sound doesn’t come from the speaker. You can stop beeping by clicking  Acknowledge button on Alarmview.
Function: When this button clicked a page opens. When Warning and Alarm first became active or deleted the functions run which reside in this page. 
Function list:
          -         Transferring a constant to the tag.
          -         Transferring tag value to another tag.
          -         Running sript.
          -         Sending Sms and E-mail.

Alarm & Warning Buton: When Alarm or  Warning occurred two different button become visible on toolbar. At Warning, warning button. At alarm, alarm button. Same time "beep" sound generated.

Note: You can see old alarms at historical section in this object.1000 alarm shown in this section. Oldest alarms are will be saved as month-year contained(1_2009.txt) name in a project folder. You can open this files with Excel.