General Features: The object we supplied from Dundas company will improve your pages visuality. All of the visual operations made from objects wizard. With the changes you made with the wizard you can add many Input/Output variable to the legend.When wizard closed by detecting all Input/Output points Data Recorder  defines Tags as “Not Set”.Next step you must specify this tags. Visual properties transferred and reads from file by Import Export command. So you can share your chart with other applications. Unfortunately object wizard is not capable to use all properties of the object. Because object has thousends property. For this reason Dundas company produced free Chart builder as a second wizard. You can download this program from By designing a chart with Data Recorder or Chart Builder you can transfer them to each other by Import Export commands. Data Recorder  uses Dundas Chart Professional version. It is possible to make a chart with a chart builder that not supported by this version. Such situation Data Recorder  does not allow to import this file. You can see proffessional version features at this link:
       Unfortunately working on the chart a little bit complex. We tried to make the operations automatically as possible. Infiltrating data is the first of these. For example: You want to see a long period like a one year on the chart. Data Recorder gets a record at each second approximately. It will collect 31,536,000 data in a year. Monitoring this data makes CPU very busy. Even it monitored pixel number on the screen will not be sufficient. According to chart area and pixel number Data Recorder calculates data number to show. Then request datas from SQL server at given period. Thus one data for each pixel fetched from database.
       By area zooming you can see the chart more detailed. At that moment area directly zoomed then detailed datas fetched from SQL server according to new area. This process can continue until chart reached most detailed level. Thus when very much amount data monitored it is possible to monitor with smallest details.

       Monitored Chart style used for transferring to file and printing operations. Charts uses more CPU unfortunately. 3D charts more than that. If chart area increases the CPU use increase. Display adapter memory should be choosen correctly if many chart used. Shared memory display adapters should not be used for SCADA applications.

Note: Project must be saved to work at this section. And SQL server must be connected.
Chart Name: You can create many graphics that are connected same or different tags inside Data Recorder. No limitations at Graphic or Tag number. You can select the graphic you want to work on with this combobox.
Series: All series of chart object are listed in this combobox. You can select here the serie you want to work on.
Tag Name: Select the tag name here for your selected serie above to bind with..
Your information: You can write information for each serie here.
Chart Area: Aın same page you can add more than one graphic area inside one graphic object and you can make same or different series at this areas. You can specify graphic area that you want to work and change x axis size later.
X Axis Data Lenght: You can set X axis data size with this two parameter. X axis must be a time at Data Recorder.
Wizard: All visual operations of the object can be made inside this wizard. You can manage Chart type, style, serial operations, Axis settings, serial titles etc. from here. Chart object contains many features as described. You can not manage all of them from this wizard. You must use Chart Builder for this operations. You can download it from freely.
Import / Export: You can transfer external environment the file you created with object wizard. Thus use and share it with other projects. With “Without Data” command you export only structure of the chart. With “Include data” command you can export graphic datas. The datas that exported are not the all saved data at SQL. They are the monitored datas on the graphic area.

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