Connection Manager

Tag List: The Tags you have created in the Modbus Rtu, S7 Mpi, S7 Ppi, Opc section will be placed at the top of this list automatically.

Tag list information:
Network info: Indicates Tags group property.
Tag name: Indicates tags name. When first created random name assigned automaticaly. This name can be changed later. Then all list controlled if there is same named Tag exists.
Value Type: Type of value selected here.
Value: This is for the monitoring Tag's last value.
Calibre: you can calibre following formula: "(Value - Minus)  x Multipler = Calibre Value"

Line Color: No colored line means everything allright. Red line means the connection can not be established.

SQL Tag Building: System automatically checks sql connections when you change Tags or  modify Datatypes from the Tag list or other tabs. If modification effects SQL configuration "SQL Tag Bulider" prompted with the warning. When this warning activated necessariyl change made in the database. This doesn't executed auomatically. Because historical values of removed Tags or Datatype changed Tags are erased. This effects only the Tags worked on.

Network Adding: For adding S7 PPI, S7 MPI and Modbus RTU network, select relative network title from left side treeview and click Add. For added network ActiveX will be created automaticaly. Later operations made from this ActiveX.

Excel Setup: By saving the data to SQL server which collected by Data Recorder, you can transfer them to the Excel.You can configure Excel settings by here.
Online value transfer to Excel: Check this box if you want to transfer data to the Excel. Then other settings will be visible.
Source File: The Excel file that Data recorder will use as a source.
New: Creates empty Excel file into the project folder in order to use a source.
Browse: You can browse source file with this button. Other files that will duplicated from this file will be created in the same folder.
Every day duplicate new Excel file from selected file: If you check this it will duplicate source file every day. Thus source file will never be written. New file will be created when day changed. If this box not checked datas will be written on the source file.
Each value next row: When you check this box, each new value written to the next Excel row. Data will continue to be written at first row while new values written to next row. When box is not checked only the first line will be written. Maximum row count for Excel is 65536. If box checked and record count reached to 65530, Data Recorder will save the file automaticaly and create a new file from the source file. Next records will be written into this file.
Excel recording period: You can set the time for transferring datas to Excel. If "Use SQL recording period" checked it will be work according to SQL recording time. For other options it will transfer to Excel at time changings. For example if "every minute" selected, it will be transferred each minute change.
Visible/Invisible: You can make Excel file visible or invisible with this option. Then the file can be prevented from the action by the operators.
Active file name: You can follow the record name of the file by here.