This form opens when clicked function section opens when clicked function buttons of alarms which created at Alarm manager section.
       From the left list, at one of the functions, you can set parameters and add it to the right list by clicking add(>) button. The function list at right will run all functions sequently where this function called. You can create up to 256 lines inside one function. 

          You can save your function list as a "Quick Function" and use it at the different locations.

Constant to Tag: Transfers constant to the selected tag.

Tag to Tag: Transfers first selected tag's value to the second selected tag's value.

Send: Sms or E-mail: First create a telephone and email list from the control panel. Create tag list that you wish to see in the message. If you want to add explanations into the message beside tag values, you can create internal tags for this messages. You can write the message by selecting value type as string. Select sent address from the telephone or e-mail list and click add button.