Opc Client

       On this tab at the treeview at the right you can see the list of OPC servers on your computer. All items grouped under two titles. The operations under the titles completely same.

Local Server: Only the OPC servers that at the computer worked on listed.
Remote Server: Only the OPC servers that are on the other computers will be listed. At the beginning this list is empty. When you right click on the Remote server Add Remote Server menu opens. When you click on this menu enter the computer name you want to reach and press the Refresh Server List button. Server Name combo box will filled. If it can not connect the computer it will wait 15 seconds and operation will fail. When you make selection on the Server list a server will added at the treeview at the right under Remote server title.

All functions under the Local and Remote Server main titles are the same. When you right click on the server name bottom of these this Server menu will open.

Opc Client
When you perform this functions sequently next passive item will open.
Connect: Connect selected server.
Disconnect: Disconnect from selected server. This will cancel the operations at  the later steps.
Add Group: First step of the data transfer between OPC Server and Data Recorder OPC Client is creating a group. When clicked on Add Group the bottom window open which is for the set of group properties.

Opc Client
While you entering this parameters you must be careful about the Group Name. If the group name will be same as existing group name of added tags then if you add any tag to Data Recorder tags will added to same group. Because of the last added Tag's Update Rates and Deedbands associated with the group this applied to all group members. At this stage added group isn't added Data Recorder tag algorithm yet. It created temporarly.

Remove Group: Removes temporarly created group from the server and Data Recorder .
Add Item: It is the step of the adding Tag to the temporarly created group. When click on this menu OPC Navigator opens.

Opc Navigator
Opc Navigator:  Tree view at the left automaticaly filled. This menu will not filled if your OPC server has no browser functionality. At this point you must make Tag connections manual. When you double click on Device the tags inside this device transferred to the datagrid at the middle. When you select the tags you want to use and click Add Tag the tags you selected transferred the datagrid at the right. You can repeat this action for other devices too. When you complete the selection you transfer them to the temporarly tag table.
Remove All Item: Removes all items in the temporarly tag table from Data Recorder and server.
Activate: Starts the querying item values from the server of the tags in the temporarly list .
Deactivate: Stops the querying item values from the server of the tags in the temporarly list .

When right clicked on Temporarly tag list this menu opens.

Opc Client
Add Tag in Data Recorder : Transfers the selected tags to the Data Recorder Tag Table. When you want to remove tags from this table you can select them and press delete.
Write Value: This menu become active when Temporarly Tag Table active. Writes the value on the selected line to the OPC server.

Manuel Tag adding: If you use OPC Server that has no browser functionality OPC navigator item list will not created. In this case you need to enter all the values on the Data Recorder Tag table manually.

Note: You must be careful about tags input or output while creating OPC tags. If you try to write a data to Tag which is input inside the Data Recorder you get an error and isn't written.