SQL Server 2005

       Data Recorder completely works with SQL Server. First step of the project should be creating a new database. Before that SQL Server 2005 must be installed on your machine.
Server Name: You need to enter server name to connect here.(COMPUTER NAME\SQL SERVER NAME). Default SQL Server name is SQLEXPRRESS. If previously SQL Server installed your machine, this name could be differtent. For example WinTr installs SQL Server with "WINTR" instance name.
When connecting on Internet address sould be at this format: IP NUMBER\SQL SERVER NAME, TCP PORT NUMBER
Example: "\SQLEXPRESS,1410"
Tcp Port: When SQL Server 2005 installed on your machine it installs additional programs. You can learn and change TCP port number with this programs. This article is for this operations: http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben-us%3B914277&x=14&y=14 Windows Authentication: You can connect SQL server via username/password combination or Windows authentication. If this checkbox checked you need to provide username and password. SQL Server installed with Windows Authentication as default.
Database Listing: Transfers database list and properties to the table.
Select Database: Select a database you want to use. If list is empty create by clicking Create New Database button.
Select Table: Gets the list of tables in the created or connected database. If list is empty create new table by clicking "Create New Table" button. First column second column and third column of Data Recorder database table must be "LastValue", "DateTime", "NotSet" sequently. If table is not at this format it can not be used.
Table Row Count: Gets row number at the table.
Maximum Row Count: Specify maximum row count for the table. Data Recorder checks this each connect operation. If it exceeds this deletes %20 of the old records.
Clear All Row in Table: Deletes all records at the table.
Recording Period Type: Select data save period type.
Recording Period: Data saving period specified by here with its type. Datas will be saved each period. Minimum saving period is 10 milisecond.
Check Tag Configuration: Pairs the tags that created in Connection manager and database table.
If it is not made generates a message to starting "SQL Tag Building" operation. Pairs SQL Table and Tag list with this operation. Erases SQL records of tags that previously used but not reside at tag list. Creates new columns at database table for previously not used but new added tags.