Sms & E-mail

You can send sms or email with Data Recorder. You can use as a function by making adjusments in this section. You can run this functions at alarm section.

Sms Setup:
          You should connect a gsm modem to you computer for sending sms.Many gsm phones can be used as a gsm modem. Modems gives this service via serial port, USB and bluetooth.Works as a serial port which are Usb or bluetooth. Serial port created after connecting phone to the computer and installing drivers.

          When connected via bluetooth, some phones requires confirmation for sent sms.Sending sms via this type phones is not useful. You can use them for your tests. After making serial port adjustments you can test connection by test button. Model of the modem queried with this button. Result shown at status box.

          Service number can be selected at GSM setup section. You should enter this number from the phone's menu which will be used as a modem. Thus it is not required to send each time.

Second sms min.delay time: You can set minimum delay period for repeatedly sent SMS. Next SMS will be sent at and of this period. If this period too short GSM modem may not sent next SMS.

Telephone List: You should add this list phone numbers that sms will be sent. Added phone numbers will be available later for using inside the functions. You should write numbers with your modem's supported format. For example: +90532XXXXXXX or XXXXXXX

Send: Test your settings by sending SMS clicking send when all settings made.

E-mail Setup:
          E-mail sent via internet connection. Computer should connect to the internet to do this.First, email server settings should be made.

E-mail server: Write email server address. Example: “”

Outgoing(smtp) port: Write outgoing email port number.

User name: Write E-mail username Example: “”

Password: Write password.

SSL Enable: Check this box if your email server uses SSL. For example gmail users should check.

From: Write sender email address. This is address that will be used as a sender server address. Otherwise e-mail sending will fail.

To: Write recipient email address. Save this recipients by Save e-mail list button. This list will be available at functions section later.

Subject: Write E-mail subject here. This will use for all E-mails.

Send: Test your settings with test mails by clicking this button. After clicking button you will get a message that indicates email sent or failed.