First Project

       1)        Click New Project.
       2)        Save by clicking Save or  SaveAs button. Thus the configuration files and path for the objects will be specified.
              3)        Click on SQL Server 2005.
              4)        Enter the Server Name and click  DataBase Listing button. If you have no error this means the connection established. If you have error this means connection failure. In this situation you should download SQL Server Management Express and check Database management.
              5)        Enter the database name to Select Database textbox then click Create New Database button.
              6)        Enter the table name to Select Table textbox then click Create New Table button.
              7)        Specify Recording period.
              8)        Add network by right clicking on networks at Connection Manager or make OPC configurations at the OPC server list which is inside the loaded ActiveX under OPC. Create the Tags by reading informaions at the help pages according your preferred way. And Make SQL Tag Building operation.
              9)        Add new chart by clicking New Chart button at Chart section.
              10)        Bind a Tag for each serie of chart.
              11)        Run by clicking Connect button.