Which cases disable buttons?
If Data Recorder first opened with empty project all buttons become active. If it opens with existing project New, Open, Login and Connect buttons become active.Reason of this prevent the project from the  unauthorized modifications.To activate the other buttons must login. Unauthorized users can also start runtime, create new project or open existing project.
File Menu
New: It is used for create a new project. When click on the new button, program clears all data on itself and creates a new empty project. You cannot do any operation on this unsaved project you must save it by clicking “Save as” first.

Open: It is used for opening the saved projects.
Save: It saves the project.
Save As: It allows saving project with a different name.
Help: When you click on this button you see me.
Server Mode / Client Mode: Data Recorder works at two different mode. Server mode communicates with PLCs and other devices and saves datas to the SQL server. Client mode monitors datas from other computers which are saved by Server. There is no limitation at Client number. It can be used with Internet access as well. Client mode is free. You only need to purchase server mode.
Simulate: It is the button for trying the program without PLC connection. It can only be used at server mode.
Login:Opens password input screen.
Connection On:It is visible when connection manager is on. When click on this button the connection with your automation devices  and SQL server is closed and Connection Off button appears.
Connection Off: It is visible when connection manager is off. When click on this button the connection with your automation devices and SQL server is established and Connection On button appears.
Alarm & Warning Buton: Two different button become visible on the toolbar when Alarm or Warning created. When warning ocurred warning button . When alarm ocurred alarm button.  Generates "beep" sound at same time.